5 Simple Ways to Drum Up PR

August 10th, 2012 by

Ever wonder how some companies seem to get press all the time, and it’s not because they’re a public company or in a secret Bunco club with an editor? It’s because they are constantly creating news and letting the media know about it. What might seem to be a hum-drum piece of your everyday can make a noteworthy news story. It’s all about putting on your PR goggles and asking yourself “What have we done that’s interesting?” Need some inspiration? Try these tactics:

1) Show Growth. In this slow-to-recover economy, any good news is news that people want to hear about. But the media will only take note if you tell them about it. Some of the topics that are worth a press release include:

  • Launching a new product line
  • Expanding territories or new countries
  • Hiring new employees
  • Posting excellent quarterly and year-end results
  • New partnerships and marketing ventures

2) Brag About a Success Story. Did you launch an ad campaign or a new initiative that did really well? How about a beautiful design project? Tell what you did and how you did it. News outlets are always looking for stories that inspire others to create.

3) Do Some Good for the Community. No, we’re not saying to adopt a cause just for the sake of good PR, but adopting a cause certainly doesn’t hurt. Donate product, organize a charity event, volunteer time at a local not-for-profit, and when you do, be sure to inform the local press every step of the way. Not only will you create some buzz, but your employees will also feel good about reaching out and doing some good that reaches beyond the bottom line.

4) Survey Your Customers. The media is hungry for statistics and infographics, so give them the fodder they need to create short, snappy stories. You can use SurveyMoney to create a online survey that discusses product trends, opinions about upcoming shows or the current market, what areas of the industry show the most promise for growth…you get the idea. Conduct the survey, summarize the results and send them in a press release to your trade and consumer media outlets. Voila!

5) Play Up Dogs and Babies. One of our staffers at Communicators International used to work for a major magazine publisher who consistently sold more magazines on the newsstand when a dog was featured on the cover. The fact is, people have soft spots for dogs and babies, so how do you maximize this? Host a Facebook contest that encourages parents to post their favorite dog or kid pic with your product. A flooring manufacturer could also host a model call for dogs or kids that encourages people to talk up product durability. The winners become the face of your new fall ad campaign.


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