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jpg“Loyalty.” Sometimes I wonder if the me-generation knows the meaning of it.

The marketing communications industry has changed as much in the last two decades as perhaps any other sector. Why? Because keeping up-to-date is compulsory. Not just with today’s technology, but with today’s mindsets, colloquialisms, demographic cultures and so much more. After all, we can’t communicate on behalf of someone else if we don’t understand what they do and to whom they wish to reach. And, how best to accomplish all of this using tomorrow’s tools.

We must understand these changes. For example, today people talk in acronyms. “BTW, good job, LOL. TTYL.” Caryn and I think our 24 year-old son talks more to Siri than he does to us. In e-mails, words which are keystroked in all caps may be construed as the writer shouting at the recipient. People wake up and reach for their iPads before their eyes are fully open. Life has changed.

It should be noted that Randy Stertmeyer, our COO, was a client of ours for 21 years as a top official at four different companies before coming onboard with us. LATICRETE International, Inc., which sure knows a few things about long-term relationships, has been a client for over 20 years, as well. Paul Young, now is CEO of Surfaces in Miami… and, this is the third company we’ve worked with having Paul on staff. And Creative Edge, a 13-year client, has just come back to us. Loyalty is based upon respect; of course, much of this respect is based upon good work.

Working with long-term, loyal clients is more than a privilege… it’s a blessing.

Ron Treister


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