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For the last two years we’ve been working with Arriscraft; it’s been a real labor of love. Our client has been pleased with our work and as a result, hooked us up with its parent firm, General Shale, one of the largest and most successful sources of brick material in the United States for decades. Here’s one of the first articles we’ve written, “Not Your Grandfather’s Building,” that recently appeared in the national media.  Thanks for everything, Marta and Dawn!

Is SPORTSMANSHIP a thing of the past?

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I spent some days in Germany last month, most of it actually being  vacation time. One reason was to see the last game of the 2015 season  played by the Pforzheim Wilddogs. Deutschlanders are big into American  football and believe it or not, there are well over 100 teams in the GFL  (German Football League). Mein Sohn (my son) Christopher is  quarterback of this team, and how could I miss the season’s grand finale  against the fearsome Freiburg Sacristans?

It was great! Our team was flawless, winning 42-O. The Wilddogs  dominated their opposition in every phase of the game. If you were a  Freiburg player or fan, you’d be a bit embarrassed? (I think so… )

But at the end of the game, I witnessed something I haven’t seen in many,  many years here in the States. Here were grown men, dedicated athletes,  queuing up in two lines to “high-five” each other and state “good game.” I  saw handshakes, smiles and respect coming from players on both teams. It was a thing of beauty. When you think of these overpaid prima donnas playing in the NFL, these egocentric pinheads who don’t know the word “we,” these coddled children who profess to being “team members” but in actuality don’t have a clue what “teamwork” means… seeing this blatant display of doing what we were taught as kids, was a wonderful sight!

In the business arena, it’s best to believe that everyone’s doing their best; everyone means well. And everyone’s worthy of respect. Unless of course, they refuse to play by any of the accepted rules and maxims.


Dining out in six-dollar shoes

June 24th, 2014 by

Yesterday was a great day in the office. Clients seemed happy, new business is on the horizon and we had two major success stories for one customer who all of a sudden stopped being his grouchy self.

It was time to celebrate. So, I made a date with wife Caryn, to have dinner at our favorite little Greek restaurant in nearby Stuart. In about half a second, we jumped into the car and drove off. It was about seven o’clock.

Once we arrived, we had a glass of wine and then started devouring our meals. Great stuff! How could life be any better? All of a sudden, Caryn started laughing very loudly. I asked, “What’s so funny?” Her answer: “Look what you’re wearing!”

ron-for-blog1-1024x756Hey, this is Florida and the temperature was 82 degrees when we left. Nobody dresses up here, especially this time of year. And the gyros place we were at certainly wasn’t The Breakers or The Everglades Club, where dress codes may still be enforced (it’s been awhile…). So, this husband did look at his attire. My haute couture statement made last night consisted of yellowish distressed denim shorts, an off-white surfer T-shirt with a picture of Bob Dylan… and, my six-dollar plastic black sandals which Caryn presented to me last Christmas. (Those are worn when taking out the garbage.) I really didn’t think to change footwear when making the quick decision to go out to eat.

Being in the advertising & PR business for seemingly forever, the expression “Perception is Reality” has been indelibly stamped in my brain. But in 2014 does that mean I must be dressed for success at an impromptu, inexpensive dinner with my spouse?

Perception as Reality has changed. What used to be the well-heeled, smartly coiffed, beautifully tailored “look” which translated into its bearer being immediately considered as one highly efficacious individual, has been supplanted. Healthy, happy, content and exuding a feeling of “with-it” is becoming the new image of success today.  In other words, you can go out to dinner nowadays wearing six-dollar brogans and not feel like a loser.

I told my wife to please be proud of what were on my feet.

Please note that on our website “Team” page, shots of Ron Treister and Randy Stertmeyer no longer are those with the two of us wearing ties.


PR Photography – Necessary Evil?

June 6th, 2012 by

Coverings-2012Many of our clients need project installation photos, but just can’t seem to, for whatever reasons, having them shot. Or, even worse, maybe they decide to move forward, but their respective Q3 and Q4 budgets don’t include having a top professional photographer handling the duties.

Who you gonna call? Communicators! We have the equipment, the experience and can get the job done for our clients quickly and cost-efficiently. Plus, once we shoot on clients’ behalf, the photography becomes 100% their property.

This is a win-win. Our customers get photography to meet current and future needs. We get shots to help them with ongoing publicity programs. See some of our recent examples, right here below. (High resolution versions of these are available upon request.)

We shot ’em all.



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